October 30, 2008

That Kind of Day

"Mommy you are wearing your slippers!" Sirah tells me in the parking lot of Target around 10am. Sure enough she was right I was wearing my wool slippers. To my defense it could have happened to you too - they are cork based slippers and being a nearly full time Birkenstock wearer I really did not realize until we were at the store.

"Mommy you are still wearing your slippers" I am told at 2pm at campaign headquarters - we have not gone home yet, again at swim team practice and then on the way home from church at 9pm! It sort of became the running joke yesterday and I guess shows the kind of day we had that I intially forgot to put on shoes and that I never had time to go home and change into them until 9:30 at night when I should have been putting on my slippers.

I look at it this way - atleast I was wearing comfortable footwear on a crazy hectic day and I gave my kids something to laugh about. I don't know that anyone else noticed and no one said anything if they did.

I am taking the day off to enjoy the nice weather and just spend some time with my kiddos. Today I will remember to wear my birks instead of slippers. Tomorrow when I start running and don't stop until around 9pm on Tuesday I think I will be glad for my day off and maybe even for my test run of my slippers. If no one noticed them before maybe I can get away with wearing them all day while campaigning :)

Make sure you get out and vote!


  1. Anonymous4:38 PM

    That's funny! I confess that I have actually done that too. My slippers are similar to those pictured and almost feel like shoes also. So in my rush to get to church, I forgot to change from slippers into shoes. Mine however did not match my outfit at all and were obviously slippers so I had to skip church that day. I was not about to walk into church in slippers and I unfortunately did not notice until I was getting out of the car at church.

  2. Oh you gotta love moments like this. It's good to see the humor in it, too. Life without a sense of humor would just be miserable.