July 25, 2003

Late night laundry...After nearly three hours of consistent contractions (relax they are just Braxton-Hicks) and the reminder that I am already dialated I came home to discover Serona had made an attic trip to bring down much of our baby stuff. I wanted to leave it until tommorrow, but could not resist. I opened one of the boxes and started going through all the little baby clothes and decided to sort it and wash it tonight. It was so amazing to hold those little clothes and think about all that is too come and how soon it really is. The baby has dropped into position, I feel even lower than I did yesterday and the contractions are a bit longer and stronger, though still just puttering away, yet I know it won't be too long now.

Tommorrow I will try to find a place for all the baby's clothing and the ever present cloth diapers. While I love that we cloth diaper, sometimes the sheer amount of storage space needed for them is overwhelming to me! Think I will be clearing out the kids dresser and turning it into a diapering station tommorrow and washing and cleaning the carseat.

The kids and I had a good day today. My mother's helper came for two hours this morning and I just rested and even tried to nap for some of the time. I felt well rested and refreshed for the kids, it was a nice change of pace. We spent some time inside for lunch and cleanup and then headed outside. Our son played in the pool, of course and my daughter and I did some lacing cards together and then I colored some more file folder games for them. Bikes were ridden, balls were kicked and the yard received much running time before it all came to an abrupt end with a door slam on a little finger and many tears. After band-aids and washings and prayers we were better and then it was naptime. Everyone took a short nap today (my daughter and I about a half hour and my son about an hour). During his naptime we read several books and then played with Little People toys, going to the zoo and the amusement park and school and of course on the bus.

The dog barked incessentantly at the mail carrier and our son woke up. We all played together with the zoo for awhile longer and then the kids played some tunes on our feet piano. They took turns jumping and running around it in circles and playing music and songs on it for awhile while I sat and watched. Then it was cleanup and upstairs for a snack. Some more reading time and then some more outdoor play. Both asked specifically not to do "school stuff" today and as they very often ask to do it, I obliged and we just learned through our imaginary and physical play. Besides they had already learned quite a bit this morning with our mother's helper who plays all sorts of games with them and really works their imagination and reads to them as well.

Overall a fun day. A child is calling so I must go now.


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