July 9, 2003

Writing, math and file folders...This weekend and the beginning of the week we have been very loose in our schooling. Each day our daughter has spent some time with her file folders, doing some basic math equations with her abacus, and practicing writing her letters. She loves to ask us to "dot" her some letters to practice writing and really enjoys challenge words like grandma and The United States of America, both which she practiced this weekend. We of course are reading quite a bit, some recent books include "A Birthday for Frances", "My Bible Storybook", "Little Bear and his friends", "Sailor Moo", "hugh can do", and a big point and say book that our son enjoys for saying words and learning colors. They also finished "The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe" and began "The Horse and his boy" this week. The books we read are too numerous to post here as we read many each day, storytime is one of their favorites. I just thought I would give you a flavor, those are the books we read during a quiet storytime yesterday afternoon. We've also been utilizing Lincoln Logs and Lego's lately and my son has a wooden workbench he is enjoying pounding on. Their imaginary play is of course in full swing, yesterday they were playing with the dolls from the Toy Story series (Jessie, Woody and Buzz) and a bunch of cloth napkins, pillows and baby blankets and it was a blast for them. It is good they are able to entertain themselves for periods of time as I fill my energy dropping and disapperaing as the days go by.


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