July 2, 2003

A Day in the Strawberry Patch... We went to an organic strawberry farm with our homeschool group yesterday. The farm was a wonderful organic farm that has strawberry, raspberry, and apple picking as well as fresh produce. While I must admit I questioned my sanity taking a 4 year old and 2 year old strawberry picking while 8 months pregnant on a hot summer day, it was worth it! Our daughter had a grand time picking them and was able to pick properly. Our son just enjoyed picking them off and eating them immediately or eating all the ones I had already put in the box. Somehow we still managed to pick about 4 pounds, though he probably ate nearly another pound along the way. We also picked up some fresh spinach, red leaf lettuce, kale, squash, basil and snow peas! The kids enjoyed seeing the garden and picking the strawberries and then playing on the swing set and climber afterwards. Later that afternoon we watched the ocean life science video we had from last week and talked about ocean animals and things we saw on the farm. I was really too tired to do much of anything else after the activity of the day. Atleast they were able to proccess the fact that their food does not truly grow in the grocery store (or in our case the truck that delivers our groceries) and to connect with the amount of work it takes to obtain our food. I'll tell you after the day I appreciate why they cost so much per pound! I also really enjoyed being able to support local organic farmers (though these ones were in Wisconsin) and the fact that the kids spent the day in two seperate states, which is always fun.


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