July 2, 2003

Materials Development...Today was a pretty hard day for me physically, I was very limited in my movements and therefore spent most of the day laying or sitting down, limiting our options some. I decided to take advantage of the time though and double task - with materials development for the kids. Today I actually accomplished quite a bit, I put together 11 file folder games and 8 felt kits. They are not fully complete but most of the way there. It really gave me a sense of accomplishment. During this time the kids mostly played around me, it was a day of imaginative play and running around the house mostly. Though our son spent quite a bit of time with PlayDoh and our daughter managed to create two books of art. Our daughter spent her quiet time with file folder games, teaching her stuffed animals class, and working on art projects with me. Our son spent his time travelling in the car practicing his ABC's and counting to 10. We read a few books, relaxed and they ran out some energy outside while I lazed in the hammock. All in all a good day despite the limitation of barely being able to walk today!


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