July 28, 2003

A weekend of preperations... This weekend was spent getting everything ready for the new baby. We washed baby clothes and diapers, set up a dresser with a changing pad in our room, got the bed rail out (instead of a crib) and sewed some cloth wipes to use for diaper changes. In addition Serona worked on finishing one of the bookshelves for the kids and we obtained a free dresser that needed to be refinished and so he spent almost all day Sunday sanding this dresser and getting it ready to be stained. He did a really great job on both the dresser and the shelves and we are excited to have them come inside sometime soon! He really is a great provider for our family in so many ways.

In addition the weekend was spent walking and doing other activities to try to encourage my puttering labor along. Sometime yesterday I finally gave up and realized she will come when she is ready and apparently was only contracting my body for three consecutive days to get ready for a later date. I have decided to take advantage of the time and just enjoy the few days or weeks we have as a family of four (five if you count our Aussie) and really try to give the kids some special time.

My nesting instinct finally kicked in this morning at about 5:30 am when I got up and had the incredible urge to wash our living room floor. It would not go away and I could not fall asleep - so up I got and washed our floor twice, moving whatever furniture I could and then I climbed back into bed for a few minutes until the rest of the family woke up and we began our day.

I realized this morning while lying in bed through contractions that the days I enjoy the most are the ones I spend with the kids - doing activites and things they enjoy. Not just passively letting them lead the day, but planning activities and then following through with them. Helping guide and be involved in their play and learning. As of lately I have often left them to their own devices as I get tired and I find we all get on each others nerves more that way. What my kids most want is me involved in their lives, in whatever way that takes.

So perhaps my blogging will decrease for a little while as I try to spend more time with them, understanding that soon my time will be even more divided. Hope you and yours are all doing well.


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