August 5, 2003

Puttering along...Well I am still puttering along, I am exhausted, drained and on an emotional roller coaster. Needless to say our days are mostly down to survival mode for the time being. The kids are hanging in there and being good sports. I have had friends come to my side to help give the kids playdates and me some much needed rest. Serona is our hero, as he is picking up all the slack and managing all our raging emotions.

I am averaging 5 hours of sleep a night (with the sleeping pill - none without) and trying to catch cat naps during the day. The contractions are still regular and consistent and driving me a little crazy. I continually wonder - is this it? Then they putter away after a few hours and a contemplation of will they be strong enough to head to the hospital?

I recognize I am only 38 weeks and this could continue for a few more weeks, but I am hopeful it will end soon - for everyone's sake. Needless to say things will be quiet here for a little while, though I am sure everyone can understand.

Off for storytime and hopefully naptime!


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