August 28, 2003

Bonding in the Early Days...I LOVE the newborn days! So many people may complain about these days and sleepless nights but in many ways they are my favorite part of parenting and some of my favorite days in my lifetime so far. The special bond that is created during this time is irreplaceable and these moments are fleeting and pass all too quickly.

This time, my third time around, I was concerned that I wouldn't have as much time for the baby and that I would be rushed through these days. However, thanks to the amazing generosity of Serona and our wise family decision to keep these early days just our immediate nuclear family with no long term guests or visitors for more than a half hour or so at a time, it has been the best early period yet. I find myself having more not less time to bond with my new daughter and to have a solid recovery time just focused on healing my body and nursing and cuddling with her.

Dad has had more time with the older kids and they are really enjoying that time. It is also helping them deal with the loss of my attention and time during these few days and weeks. Serona has been truly incredible, taking care of the kids, the household, the meals, and anything else that needs to be done. He also decided to repaint our kitchen cabinets and continue working on the kids bookshelves during this time. And as I type he is downstairs watching "The two towers" dvd and cuddling with the baby as I put the older two to sleep. He still has another week off of work next week and I am so thankful that he took all this time together and we have really been able to just be a family and I have had the stress relieved from me. Thanks Serona, you are the best!


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