August 8, 2003

Rounding out the day...A trip to the park for a little while, greeting new neighbors on the walk there - welcoming them to the neighborhood. Playing on slides, climbing and pretending in the rocks and their favorite activity there today walking on the edge practicing their balance. I sat on a bench and cut out and glued colored file folder games while watching them play. We headed home a little early as there was a desperate need for the bathroom!

They came home and played nicely together in their bedroom with lego's for nearly a half hour! Then the battle over cleanup began, they could not come out until the lego's were cleaned up. Suddenly leaving there room didn't seem so appealing to them and they continued to play and find other things to keep themselves occupied in there. I continued finishing the file folder games and started cooking dinner, stir-fry with tempeh and rice. Now our son is playing with a police car and fire truck on the floor and our daughter in sitting quietly at the kitchen table sad that she can't play with my cell phone. Think this will be the last blog tonight, hope all is well with you.


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