August 8, 2003

Left to their own devices... I decided to get some laundry folded and pick up the house for a few minutes while they were stencling. Soon my son grew bored and headed off to the room to help me, again switching gears he started playing and rolling around on my big exercise ball, he was having a blast and getting a good workout and keeping me entertained as I folded laundry. Our daughter eventually grew bored of stenciling and headed to the kitchen for magnet play. We have a bunch of transportation wooden magnets, trucks, cars, air balloons, boats on our fridge and she made up games and played with them. At one point she said she was playing Stuart Little, perhaps with the boat or the airplane? Anyway it kept her happy. Then our son headed into their room and took out some board games, he played with Goodnight Moon, a basic matching game by himself for awhile and then took out Ravensburgers 4 first games, which he really likes the pieces for but cannot play by himself, and he scattered the pieces all around the room! Meanwhile it was our daughters turn on the big ball, where she proceeded to put on a show for me while my son cuddled and rested with me in my bed for a few minutes. Cleanup time and now we are headed to the playground to burn off energy and for me to perhaps finish the last of my file folder games.


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