August 8, 2003

Following Their Rhythms... Today is a lesson of following my kids patterns. I really wanted to take them to a county fair with a carnival, petting zoo and animal show - I never told them (in case I got too tired) but every time we have tried to get out the door something else has distracted and involved them, it is now after 3pm and it seems too late to go. Right now they are set up at the kitchen table using colored pencils to stencil. I was getting my youngest ready to go and the other one sat down and got her "art notebook" out and started free drawing, then she asked for some stencils and colored pencils, and of course he wanted to join in. It seems silly to me to force them to do something else when they are enjoying such an activity as stenciling! So we will follow their pattern and maybe just head up to the local playground when they get bored!


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