August 8, 2003

Counting and sounds with the ark...Our son has a beautiful wooden Noah's Ark set that he enjoys playing with. As I sit here and type he asked for it and began taking out the pieces and counting them and saying what each animal is and what sounds they make. As a very active 2 year old he rarely wants to count or do things in a formal way. So it is very exciting when he just starts doing it by himself, I have to watch how much I get involved as he actually does better on his own, it is as if as soon as I get involved his perspective changes from a fun game to "work" of some sort. Even when I just try to play along, it is hard to get used to but works best is if I stay doing what I am and occasionally ask him a question or two or offer a suggestion for what he can do with them to try to lightly guide him, but he can't stand feeling directed i think. Sometimes he will let his sister sit down and play with him and she can help him figure things out. I just enjoy watching it and being a part from a distance, though at times I wish he would let me be more involved, it seems sad to me sometimes that he is so independent at 2!


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