August 8, 2003

In search of curriculum... Well we have spent a considerable amount of time considering this issue and have decided against one for the upcoming year. I looked into a variety including waldorf, montessori, charlotte mason, and classical and just feel that at this time it would be better to kind of make up my own as we go with the kids in mind. I think I will take a more structured approach to phonics and early reading skills, but beyond that take it as it comes. We are considering Phonics Pathways and Teach Your Child to read in 100 easy lessons for phonics. I was almost conviced by Calvert because it would be so nice to have an east to follow guided plan for each day of the year for my kids so I don't need to think with the baby and all, but we are going to just go ahead and try it with more of an unschooling approach.


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