June 30, 2003

Some other things we did today... While the focus was has been on helping the kids have also done some other activities worth mentioning. Our daughter did three pages in a preschool workbook on practing the concepts of less and more and opposites. Both children spent quiet time working with activity books that have pieces they put into the book to finish the storyline. The books work on things like colors, counting, what different animals do and what they eat. Each book has several pieces that need to be fit in the proper place and the kids worked on them (our daughter independently, our son with my help) and they really seemed to enjoy them. They also had quite a bit of free art time today. Drawing on big rolled out pieces of paper on the floor, on the easel and on smaller pages to color at their desks. Our daughter practiced writing her name, which she can do completely by herself and our son really enjoyed drawing circles. They helped make lemonade and pick up the yard some. They took turns playing with the dog and had some make believe time together while I was able to work on other activities. And of course there have been several stories read throughout the day as always.


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