June 27, 2003

Sculptures and Stamp Pads...Thursday we headed over to an art museum that has a wonderful outdoor sculpture garden for a homeschool tour. The kids learned about different materials that scluptures are made out of, took a tour through them and even got to climb on two of them, they weren't allowed to touch the others! They paid close attention to the tour guides and answered questions. It was informative and fun for them. Then we headed into the arts and crafts lab there and the kids made rubber stamp books and learned about patterns and overlap. The books turned out very cute and everyone really seemed to enjoy themselves. Some parents stayed and toured the musuem, we did not - we went outside for some free play with the kids and a walk by the greenhouses.

Then it was home for lunch, naps, cleaning and free play. They finished up coloring their under the sea book and read some more from the Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe. We started a phonics reader with our daughter and our son learned how to sing happy birthday! All in all it was another good day.


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