June 9, 2003

Weekend Adventures with Soy Well our daughter asked a simple question over breakfast this weekend. "Daddy how do we make soy milk?" So we began an explanation of the proccess as best we knew, there was actually some description on our soy milk container as well. Then I ran into the kitchen and brought out some dried soybeans and some edamame to illustrate the point better. Suddenly we found ourselves leaving the dishes on the table and grinding soy beans to make some fresh soy milk. We hopped online to find a recipe for homemade soymilk and suddenly we found ourselves actually making some ourselves. For timesake we skipped some steps because we were more trying to show how to do it than actually make some for regular drinking (we had just picked up many gallons at our food buying coop that very morning) but it actually turned out quite tasty.

The kids were very interested and involved as we showed them what soybeans look like in the pod (edamame) and what they look like dried (dried soybeans), ground up beans, and then added some boiling water and soaked it through a cheesecloth (we actually used a tee shirt as we didn't have a cheese cloth on hand, and then simmered it with some flavoring. Daddy and the kids had a great time and I even remembered to take a little video of it. The kids still remember how they made it and are more in touch with how much work goes into making their milk. They understand that it grows in a garden and then is harvested and cooked. They even understand that the same food can come in different forms, fresh, frozen, dried and liquid. It was a great impromptu lesson and alot of fun.


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