June 30, 2003

A day of helping...Today we have spent the day learning about different ways we help people, and it all seems to have just fallen into place that way. The kids spent a good part of the morning helping our friends get ready to leave for their next adventure. They got to be "big helpers" and help get the trailer all ready for the road, which included things like bringing up the stabalizing legs, closing windows, moving wood from the tires, rolling up wires, and stabalizing the hitch properly. They were fascinated by it all and were doing a good job with their particular tasks. It was so nice that our friends gave them the opportunity to help. Then when they were outside playing they took turns pushing one another on the swing and helping each other out that way. They watched a video about helping pets and other people. Our daughter has spent her brother's naptime helping me fold laundry, clean the bedrooms and our basement. She will soon help me make cookies and dinner for our neighbor who is in need of some extra help. I always enjoy those days when the lessons of the day just seem to come together without any hard planning on my part. Just reminds me how amazing and wonderful our God is, that even on days when I can't muster the strength or creativity to come up with a plan he drops one in my lap!


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