June 16, 2003

A weekend at play...This weekend was a perfect combination of good weather, relaxation and good fun. Having no real plans we were all able to just relax and enjoy one another and the good weather throughout the weekend. We of course honored Serona this weekend for his role as an excellent father. We spent much of the time outside enjoying our yard and some local parks, we took some long drives and took long family naps. We saw hot air ballons, a duck family, listened to trains passing by, counted to 100 while tossing a ball, learned to play hopscotch, read about half of "The Magician's Newphew" by C.S. Lewis, learned to ride a two wheeler and tricycle, splashed in a pool, watered and weeded the flower garden, played red light - green light, and just swung lazily in the hammock. All in all a perfect weekend.


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