June 11, 2003

Playdates and Lessons Learned... Today was a playdate day - which always follows a seperate flow in our lives. We had breakfast, cleanup, storytime and free play time before we went. Free play was fun as they learned to do different tricks with those big exercise balls I have. The kind you sit on to do stretches, they were rolling and tumbling all around, practicing balance and learning about spatial relationships (mostly of their own bodies to the ground and how long it takes to fall). Then it was off to a friends house to play, where we learned about sharing, taking turns, respect, manners, dealing with frustrations and just plain having fun. Our son loved to play with the cars on a train table and track they had and the oldest was content to lead everyone around with directions and to make us all meals in the play kitchen. Then it was off for home - where they received a new package in the mail with a book, an activity book and a puzzle. They immediately brought the puzzle to the kitchen table and worked on it together. Then we all read the book which was full of activities for them to do, it is a mimicking song they had to follow. Then naps and quiet time all around. Now they are sharing a snack of pretzels rods which they are organzing by size and grouping together and counting. An afternoon jaunt to the local park or a romp in the yard and making dinner and reading stories will round out our day.


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