June 16, 2003

Dragonflies, dancing and splashing...Today was a hot one, nearing the 90's by early morning we traded in our normal pattern of preschool cooperative class for a morning in the sun. Spent outdoors the morning consisted of discovering and counting dragonflies, birds, and bees all at work in their natural habitat. It also included running through the frog sprinkler and splashing in the pool. At some point the pool water became tea and the mothers were served tea in plastic cups from the children who carried them back and forth from the pool. We were apparently very thirsty for quite a few trips were made. The kids romped through the yard and the mothers worked on future supplies and curriculm as well as just chatted up the morning. Lunch consisted of some tofu, melon, pretzels and dare I say it? Green Kool-Aid! These kids hardly knew what to do with themselves - quite a change from the standard fare of water, soymilk and the occasional glass of 100% juice! They ran through the yard discovering things in the garden and working out some of their differences on their own, apparently the pink cup was quite popular! We lasted just as long as tempers can in small children spending large amounts of time together when bumping into naptime for younger siblings. Then we were off. The afternoon included some time for dancing with mom, a nap - unfortunately in the car, and cleanup responsibilities around the house. A treat of a video in the late afternoon so mom could finish paying the bills and sort out her banking nightmares and then out to the yard to await Serona's return. Free play with some balls, water, tricycles and sidewalk chalk and plenty of time climbing into and falling out of the hammock made up the remainder of their day. All in all another good day here.


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