June 24, 2003

Highlights from a weekend of kites, plays, zoos and web pages...It's been a busy weekend and I have not taken time to write. Thought I would capture the highlights here. Friday night we had a family picnic and flew a kite at a local park. Then Serona took our oldest to a Harry Potter party to purchase the new book at midnight. Saturday was another relaxed day with some yardwork and playtime in the morning and then back to the park for more kite time, the kids really seem to enjoy this. They each took turns flying the kite and talking a bit about how it works, the other one would chase the shadow on the ground and try to keep up with the kite. Then we split up for kid dates, I took our oldest to see a Children's Theater production and Serona took our youngest out for a lunch date and some special reading time. Then a visit with their uncle and some reading from their new book "The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe." Sunday was our 6 year anniversary and we spent it with the kids and friends. After church, we took the kids to a petting zoo at a local community fair. They had a great time petting and feeding all the animals and learning about them. One seemed particularly attached to a gentle black bunny rabbit and the other preferred to try to chase the chickens and the ducks! Then home for a vegetarian barbeque with friends. The kids were so excited as their new friends were older than them and into organizing activities for them all to play together. The older girls seemed to enjoy spending time with the kids and everyone seemed to have a good time.

Yesterday was a day filled with exhaustion for me and I don't remember much of what we did. Had some reading time, some art time and some file folder time. They played at a friends house and we took a big group nap. After dinner I had some special bonding time with our youngest as we went to bed early and Serona taught our oldest how to build a webpage as he built one for her on the subject of her choosing, princesses. He will have to write to tell you more. Hope your weekend went well.


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