June 9, 2003

On Butterflies and Flowers...We just finished up our co-op for the morning. Today we learned about flowers, how they grow, all their parts and all about pollination. This was a follow-up lesson to butterflies where the kids learned about caterpillars and butterflies and saw butterflies in different stages and pretended to change into butterflies themselves. They finished that day with a craft of creating butterflies from their own handprints.

Today we pretended to be seeds and grew into beautiful flowers. We went for a walk outside and examined a variety of flowers, witnessed pollination in action and took apart a pretty iris to learn about all the parts of a flower. Then they had a craft to make a flower from all the parts themselves. The kids really enjoyed themselves and had a good hands on experience. I loved being outside with them and sharing their excitment at learning all about the flowers and finding ones in different colors.

Now we just need to clean up our house from their free playtime. Amazing what just a few children can accomplish in such a short period of time! But they did have fun.


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