June 20, 2003

The power of water...Today did not start out as a banner day that is for sure but it ended on a good note for all of us. I was really dragging this morning, did not want to get out of bed or really do much of anything, but two kids will make you forget that and move like it or not. We made breakfast and things were not improving, the kids and I were at a clash, they may have been great yesterday - but what I feared as a result of my long phone session then came today not yesterday. I threw in the towel for a half hour and let them watch a Little Bear video while I snoozed on the couch - going in and out of sleep with their rythms. Then I read to them and was falling asleep while trying to read the Adventures of Lowly the Worm. So we began what became a 45 minute battle to get them outside, there are times I truly wish I needn't worry about sunblock or getting them out of their pajamas. If my kids were not so fair skinned today I would have just conceded. You'd think they would learn the routine and accept that they really need to wear sunblock and playclothes to go outside. You would think these children who loved the outdoors would willingly comply. Well not today, they bucked at every move I made and after a near hour of this I almost did not want to go outside anymore, but I knew inside it would help. Yesterday they had the wisdom to go outside, today it was I.

Once outside they ran to the pool and it was like magic, the crab apples of a few minutes ago were shiny happy people. Water play seemed to soothe them and allow them to get out all their stress and just relax. I was very relieved and was even able to just pull up a chair near the pool and watch them play and talk to them occasionally while finishing one of my own projects. The hardest part of our time outside was when the dog ran up to greet a neighbor walking by and he was a bit friendly. The kids just splashed, played with their toys, rocks, and whatever else they could find nearby. Even the bugs seemed to stay away today, a real blessing at our house. I was able to relax and we all turned into different people. Then we did some sidewalk chalking together. Their new favorite is for me to outline their bodies while they lay on the sidewalk and then they can draw their faces, clothes and color them. It really is cute and fun to do, of course they are continually scared that an ant is going to crawl on them while they are lying down. I still don't understand the mixed bug fear and enamour that my kids seem to have, love them one minute - petrified the next. A few more minutes and we were headed inside for lunch only to be sidetracked by a playful dragonfly. We followed him around the yard and watched him for nearly a half hour, I was amazed at his patience with us, the kids really loved it and were sad when he finally gave up and flew away.

Then lunch and naptime for the younger while the eldest had school time. She is very excited because we just got real school desks, the kind with the flip up top, nice wooden and metal ones, it makes her want to do more and more. While I put our son to sleep she had some quiet time reading books to her dolls and playing with her LeapPad - she was so good that we both feel asleep, she nicely and even quietly came in and woke me up to ask if we could have some special school time while her brother slept, how could I say no? We went to her desk and she pulled out some paper and began drawing her shapes and practicing her name. She asked me to help her make a book of shapes and if I could find some on the computer for her. So I surfed and began printing out her first shape book while she worked independently. Then she traced and colored the pages I printed out while I was printing out more for her. Then we worked on a puzzle together, one of the big floor ones, she could do most of it by herself. Then she worked on some file folder games (counting, numbers, matching, phonics and her letters) and I did laundry and cleaned up - continually coming back to her to check on her progress and help her as she needed, though she needed little help and seemed to prefer to work alone, even asking me at times to "not peek" until she was all done. Then we finished her book, she punched each page with the tree hole puncher and cut the yarn herself. I strung it through and tied it into bows and she had two new books today, "Her first shape book" and "Her first pointalism art book" which was composed of artwork she did in the copyshop the other day while I made photocopies and she pushed a pen through cardstock in a million dots and then used a marker to make other pages of dots. She is very into making books these days and it is alot of fun and easy enough for her to do, and I think she really likes the sense of accomplishment at having a "finished" project.

Then off to make dinner, where we talked about how corn and wheat grow as I husked corn and made some seitan. We talked about why we wash vegetables, about them growing in the dirt and how some are sprayed with chemicals called pesticides. Then the two of them played together while I finished up dinner and cleaned up. Our daughter keeps trying to teach our son things and wants to help him, sometimes he plays along other times he tries to get her to play chase. Mostly they seem to play in an imaginary world together, it is amazing to watch and listen to them. Today they got so caught up with one another I think they forgot I was there, I only caught snippets of their play as I wanted to foster it along and not hinder it in any way, but they both really seemed to enjoy it. Today they went to a LLL meeting and to the store and to school and back home, they did laundry, ran from the dog and rode their bicycles, took an airplane and fixed cards and who knows what else that I didn't catch onto. They learn so much from one another in so many ways I can never teach them, I'm so glad they have each other. Sometimes at the end of the day I need to remind myself that after one has run me all day long and the other has talked to me all day and I am so mentally and physically exhausted. Yet they have each other and I know the blessing of a sibling is truly a blessing for both of them.

I headed out tonight after diiner and the kids had a special date with dad. Serona was hitching the bike trailer onto the back of his bike when I left, so I am thinking that is what they did. I just came home from a wonderful meeting with several moms from the homeschool support group I recently joined and feel so refreshed, even better everyone is already asleep. I will be headed off soon as well. Tonights meeting was so good for me - I met many wonderful women and felt very welcome and comfortable there. It was refreshing and wonderful to be in an environment with like minded and supportive people. Well thanks for reading.


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