June 10, 2004


We took a field trip this week to a wildlife refuge and had a class on insects. It was very good and it was free. The kids learned about the different parts of an insect, how they breathe and see. We even got to look through a kaleidoscope that showed us a glimpse of how insects see. After the lesson we headed outside and caught several insects and other bugs and examined them. The kids each had a net, a bug cup with magnifying glass and a clipboard to help them identify the bugs. We saw dragonfly's, baby bees, flys, mosquitos, beetles, butterflies, caterpillars, centipedes, gales and some others. It was a lot of fun and interesting. We headed back inside and the kids made a craft of paper butterflies that flap their wings and we watched a short video about wildlife preservation. The kids spent some time exploring the displays and all the things they could touch and look at and also looking out the window at turkeys, chipmunks, a white squirrel and a wide variety of birds. We all had a great time.

We came home and continued the lesson with some printouts from Enchanted Learning to make an insect book with facts and coloring and labeling sheets. Rhiannon also spent some time with handwriting practice writing out and trying to spell all the different insects we learned about and saw today.


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