June 12, 2004

Waiting it Out

As a mother I so often want to push my kids to do the things I think they "should" be doing at any given time. I have to step back and just let them be and do certain things when they are ready themselves. Recently I have seen the rewards of this. Today Rhiannon decided to color a picture - which may not seem like a big deal for a nearly 5 year old - but Rhiannon has always resisted and disliked coloring - if required to color she merely scribbles all over the page. Today however she colored picture perfect in the lines and she was coloring an ant (a followup to our insect lessons) so she had some pretty narrow lines to stay in. When I complimented her she said "Mom I just was not old enough before - now I am old enough and can do a good job" then she added "But I only want to coloring one picture a day because my arms get tired." I'm glad I waited and never pushed the issue - I gave her the opportunity but was always fine when it was not her desire or she just scribbled.

Ciaran also had a glad we waited time this week. Potty training him has been difficult - a long on again and off again journey. He was nearly trained before Sirah was born then went back to diapers and wanted nothing to do with it - a few times since then his interest has been sparked but he has had quite a few accidents - then on Wenesday of this week he decided he was going to wear underpants and he has only had one accident and it is going well. I'm glad we waited. Though I must admit to a bit of bribery with him. He has wanted a stuffed Nemo doll for a long time - I found one and put it away and told him he could have it when he was no longer wearing diapers. He found it in the closet and that was what prompted his decision to wear underpants. So far so good - we will see how it goes.


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