June 23, 2004

Seven Years

Serona and I just celebrated our seven year wedding anniversary. We have spent four of those with kids. I am blessed with a wonderful husband and father, a man who truly seeks and follows the Lord in his life. Our whole family is blessed because of him.

Sickness, camping, father's day, our anniversary and a myriad of other life events have led blogging to be slow lately. I have also finally settled into the decision that we are on summer vacation. While learning never stops with homeschooling and I still try to keep a rich educational atmosphere at home - I have stopped with any structured work for awhile. I am in a prep mode again - gathering curriculum and materials for next year.

We still learn continually through life's moments, reading and answering my chidlren's endless questions. However, they are young, the days are long and the weather perfect. My kids need to just be outside and play and imagine and enjoy the days of summer.

Each night Rhiannon prays before bed "Please let the days grow longer, the nights grow shorter and the summer warm days be much longer and the cold winter days very few." I will let them just be kids and enjoy these days.


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