June 8, 2004

On the dairy farm

We had a a great field trip with some families from our homeschool group. We headed to a dairy farm about an hour away and got a great tour. We all got to walk out into the pasture and walk the cows into the barn (complete with mud and cow poop). I could not believe how close we were to this herd of cows - Rhiannon went right up to them and I got a great picture of her a few feet away from a big group of them. We went into the barn and some of the kids from our group chose to help muck up the cow poop - my children did not, nor did I. We walked through the stalls and saw all the cows and watched them hook the cows up to the milking machines. The kids got to put their finger in the tube that sucks the milk from the udders and feel what the cows feel (granted it is on their finger not their udder) and then watch how they attach it to the cows and how the milk comes out. They also got to take turns milking a cow. Serona and Rhiannon both milked a cow - Rhiannon did a great job right away and Serona needed a little tutorial but eventually got it right. Ciaran did not want to try and I had Sirah on my back so I did not - but it was neat to see and for Rhia and Serona to try.

There was a full petting zoo on the farm and we got to see a calf that had been born just that morning (complete with watching dogs eat her placenta - gross) and many chickens, pigs and kittens. The kids had a great time and it was a nice spur of the moment field trip we discovered.


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