November 23, 2005

Amazing Sirah

My dearest little Sirah, just over 2 years in age astonished me today. We were reciting bible verses when she said she wanted to do one. She said "first john 4:10 god loved us and sent His Son" - no joke!

We have been working with Ciaran on his memory verses and she just picked it up. The same way she has picked up counting and colors and is starting to recognize letters. She is a bit too much at times. Very cute and very fun but sometimes completely astounding.


1 comment:

  1. I cannot imagine my little 25 month old Baby Boy saying such a thing! We don't do daily Bible verses, but even if we did he simply isn't that verbal yet. Now, if you put it to music, he'd manage to mumble his way through it. He has the ABCs and most of the Newsboys' Adoration album down by heart!