November 29, 2005

Letting Them Be

Somedays we just need to let our agenda go and just let them be. Today our youngest Sirah is sick - the kid of curl up on your lap and do nothing sick. I was trying to keep things moving and it was just not working. We stopped for a bit while I got the next subject ready and I returned to the room and found Sirah laying across the laps of Ciaran and Rhiannon - enjoying a book.

Rhiannon has Sirah's head in her lap and was reading her book after book after book. Ciaran was rubbing her sore legs under the blanket and holding the next book as well as helping her reach her favorite stuffed animals.

Truthfully there is nothing better I could offer my kids today. There is nothing I could teach them more important. There is nothing worth breaking the care and compassion and love for their sister going on right now. So I walk away and let them be. I thought about staying but I think I would break the rhythm and the magic of that moment.

Eventually it will break itself but for now I will just let them be. Just walk away and place my agenda, my goals my sense of needs behind what they currently know to be more important. I will smile and be so thankful that my kids love one another so deeply and feel such care and compassion for one another. Smile that they can find comfort in each other and support one another. I will walk away thankful and praising.



  1. One of the many joys of homeschooing :)

  2. Your description of the kids painted a sweet picture! What a blessing to have children that care for each other in such a real way.