November 29, 2005

Private Showing to Chronicles of Narnia

We just recently put together a group to go see the upcoming Chronicles of Narnia show. If you have a decent size group I recommend you try calling around to local theaters to see if you can do the same. Wouldn't it be nice to see the new film surronded by your family and friends and no one else?

We tried a variety of theaters and in the end choose a smaller neighborhood theater that was not part of a big chain. They were very willing to work with us. We only needed to guareentee 20 seats at the matinee price and then we could go up to the theater capacity. We have a theater to ourselves at off business hours so we avoid the lines, the choas and it is just us!

I called and asked to speak to managers and inquired about a school or group rate. I asked what their policies were for offering a theater to ourselves. Most of what I heard was either you purchase out the entire theater (around 200 tickets per theater) or you rent a theater on off business hours with a certain minimum (most minimums were around 50-100). If they wanted me to call a corporate office that was usually the kiss of death and unless you have a large group (250 or more) I would not bother. Try working with a smaller theater.

I am very excited for our private showing of The Chronicles of Narnia and we will know all the people in the theater and the kids get to be with their friends. It does not get much better than that. Many people think you can not arrange such a thing for new releases but with a little patience and determination you usually can.
If interested find a smaller theater nearby and call the manager and ask - you never know they just might say yes!


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