November 25, 2005

Thank a Soldier

During this time of year as we think about all we are thankful for. Do we take time to think about the soldiers who sacrifice so much for us and many times put their lives on the line for our freedom and our lives? Irregardless of how you feel about the current war, the President of the United States or our military leadership, please take time to thank the soldiers who are there to protect us. They give up so much and receive little in return and never complain about it. The least we can do is give them some thanks.

Serona and I have been trying to demonstrate that thanks in real and tangible ways. One thing we are committed to doing is offering to purchase lunch, gas or other items for an individual in a military uniform. If I am in a restaurant and someone is on line behind me I will offer to purchase their lunch. If they are at the gas station with me I will offer to purchase their gasoline. I let them know it is my small way of saying Thank You for all you do and showing them some appreciation they deserve and often do not receive.

Imagine if our uniformed soldiers received this kind of treatment wherever they went? Imagine the appreciation they would feel. It is a small act of kindness we can perform that is well deserved. It is a small way we can bless someone who blesses us every day.

Sure I know gasoline prices are high. I know many of you are single income homeschoolers with a bunch of kids on a tight budget. Still we can find the money, we really can if we are committed to it. Realistically the opportunity will be rare, why let it pass by? Take the opportunity to bless someone today.

When I was in graduate school one of my professor's made a statement that has stuck with me through life. "When you die your checkbook and your calendar say a lot about your priorities and the type of person you are." How true this really is. What are we spending our money and our time on? How can we better spend it? I can scarcely think of a way better than saying thank you to someone who often is underappreciated, sometimes mistreated and putting his/her life on the line for my rights, freedom and life every day.

Now yes I am a "random act of kindness" kind of person. We do pay road tolls for whatever car happens to be in the lane behind us. We have on occasion sent cash anonymously to a family that we knew needed it. We try to just be kind in ways people don't expect to bless them in small ways. Yet this is different. This is an intentional act of kindness and a commitment to care for and bless people who bless us every day (whether we realize and acknowledge it or not). It is a private act between you and the individual you share it with.

This is such an easy and powerful thing that we as US Citizens can do. So make the commitment yourself and tell everyone you know to do the same. While you are at it, remember to participate in Red Friday and show your support for the troops by wearing red every Friday until they are all home.


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  1. This has actually happened to us. When my dh is in uniform (US Air Force) and we are in public we have had people offer to pay for our meals in restraunts, allow us in front of them in lines at stores etc. It is always appreciated, and usually politely refused. My husband does what he does for the love of his country and nothing more.

    I would like to say that there are MANY enlisted personel out there who sadly earn salaries below the poverty level. I am sure they would not refuse any offer of kindness.