November 30, 2005

Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let it Snow!

One of the best parts about living in Minnesota is the snow. I love that it snows. I like it when we get a lot of snow and it stays around forever. I like that it is generally too cold for the snow to melt so it stays nice and white and pretty instead of turning into black slush like it does so many other places.

We have had a few snowfalls already. One completely melted and one has not. Still but a few inches I would like some more - so would the kids. They have been determined to sled even on a little bit of snow. Amazing to see how well they can make it work but how much nicer it will be with just a few more inches.

Yet another reason I love homeschooling. The kids can go outside and run around, sled, make snow angels and whatever they want for several hours in the morning before we start schoolwork. They are happier and therefore the day goes smoother. It is also an incentive to them to get their work done so they can go back outside again and play in the snow some more.

As the kids waiting on the bus stop are cold from standing still mine are tromping through the snow getting their snowpants wet and having a ball. As the kids head off to school mine keep playing in the snow for awhile longer. Come inside to some hot chocolate and some good reads. Then settle into the afternoon for some work. If they get their work done quickly they are back outside again before the school bus passes our house on its return.

It is true Minnesota winters are very cold but we buy really warm clothes and boots and once they are about 3-4 years old the cold does not really bother them and I find myself having to drag them inside even when it is below freezing. They are not even cold when they come inside! Of course those days when it dips below zero or we have severe windchills we are housebound but for the most part we make the best of Minnesota winters especially once the snow falls and stays. So let it snow!


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  1. You make it sound not half bad. Around here when it gets below 50 I avoid going outside. Maybe I just need some of your warm clothing. I do love that we can take advantage of whatever the weather is on our own schedule regardless of what the school says.