May 19, 2006

Ketchup in the Drawer

Things I find in my home:

-The ketchup bottle in the silverware drawer
-The cheese on my bedroom dresser
-Our small american flag wrapped around a stuffed animal like a blanket
-Our roomba electronic walls in our lunchbags
-Clean pullups stuffed inside ziploc bags
-Toothbrushes in the kitchen cabinet
-Pretzels and other snack food from our pantry in Sirah's backpack
-Rocks in the bike trailer

This is just to name a few of the irregularities you find in our home due to life with Sirah. Our lovely little two year old has a "collector" personality. She likes to gather things wherever she is and stuff things in bags, boxes and anything she can fit things into. She loves to collect food especially, though she does not actually eat it. Somedays she is heading to "work" other days she is going to "London" or to a "meeting" and she has to bring her things with her. Can you tell what she hears mommy and daddy doing?

Sirah's collector personality is wonderful and I am sure God will use it for something later in life. Though it can also be very frustrating when we are looking for something and have to start to think like a 2 year old about where it could have wandered off to.

These are the memories I will look back and laugh and smile at. Especially Sirah's reactions when she is caught with something. She covers her eyes with her face and looks as guilty as possible - she is remorseful and leads us to the items right away (if she can remember their location) and she is just plain so cute it is hard to be mad at her at all. One day she was covering her eyes before she did the wrong thing, knowing in her heart she was going to do it.

Still every once in awhile I find things a few days late (frustrating when it is food) or I open the drawer and find a bottle of ketchup in there. It no longer suprises me to be honest, and it could be so much worse so mostly I just laugh and put things back away and talk to her about it later.


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