May 29, 2006

Walt Disney World Day Six

We slept in today, much needed with a 2:30am bedtime the night before! We slept as late as possible then packed up the room and all our luggage for an 11am check out time. Everyone in bathing suits we headed to the main lobby (halfway across the resort) to check in for our flight (a very nice bonus to staying on Disney resorts) and check all our luggage. We headed to the pool for the remainder of the day. The kids were excited to finally be able to go into the Pirate themed pool with the water slide. We spent almost four hours there and the kids had a great time and burnt off a lot of energy before our long travel day home.

We boarded a bus back to the airport, took a tram, an airplane and then our car home. We arrived home with some yummy Indian food (our body was craving food without cheese) that actually no one wanted to eat. The kids had a bowl of cereal and feel into bed. Serona and I ate dinner and tried to watch a movie (because our basement was cool - we left 58 degree weather for Orlando high 90''s and came back to 96 in Minnesota). We both feel asleep halfway through the film but by the time we crawled into bed the air conditioner had worked and the house was cooled off. What a trip! We all had a great time.

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