May 10, 2006

Pippi Longstocking

We went to see the MN Children's Theater production of Pippi Longstocking today, just Rhiannon and I. Rhia had recently read two of the books from the series and was really looking forward to the show as was I. Overall it was a solid performance like most shows at that theater. The costuming and set were very professionally done and a joy to watch unfold. The performance was well acted and funny.

There was one downside however, I felt the language was a bit much for an "appropriate for all ages" show. At times it was a bit over the top. Knowing that I tend to overreact to some of this I looked around and the mom sitting right next to me was also surprised. It never went "too far" but it felt inappropriate and unneccesary. There was nothing explicit but there were things that just did not need to be said and especially made as a joke. It left a bad taste in my mouth for the whole show, which otherwise was good. I would be hesitant to recommend the show which to me is disappointing because I enjoyed it otherwise. Still many others might not even blink or think there was anything about what was said and that I am blowing it out of proportion.

Now those familiar with Pippi know that she is a bit irreverant and sassy to start with but they seemed to over exaggerate that point as well. Even Rhiannon seemed affected as at one point she said "This is so much different from the book and so much worse!" she said it a bit too loudly as well. She then sat on my lap and enjoyed the rest of the show.

Overall it was a good show and I am glad we went to it but I definately left with a negative opinion and a hesitation to recommend the play.


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