May 5, 2006

Winding Down

We are winding down the school year. We have finished several subjects for the year. All that remains for her first grade work is to finish up her grammar and illustrated bible. We should complete that by the middle of next week and be done with school until September! Of course we still do stuff but nothing official sit down and do things so that will be nice. It has actually been nice that these last few days have been so cold as there is less temptation to just slack off from school. It will be nice to be finished a full month before our local public school gets out.

Rhia will still have to do a page from her math review book (will be easy and light for her in comparison to what we have been doing) and read daily (like I could stop her from reading anyway) and she has to read from her bible each day but all those things she will do on her own and just needs to have them done before she is free to do what she would like for the day.

It was a good school year, we got a lot accomplished even with her surgery and other events of the year. She still enjoys school and being homeschooled and has really developed a passionate love for reading and for learning in general. We are excited to have a relaxing and fun summer.

When asked what she would like to do this summer for activities she replied "The Oliver Kelly Farm and Fort Snelling" two locations from the Minnesota Historical Society that we spent a lot of time on last year and have not gone to since the late fall. Ciaran seconded both places and added the science museum. Of course we will also go to the beach, park, hikes, and bike riding. The library, kite flying and family walks are other favorite activities. This year we can add tball and drama camp to the mix. Along with two major family vacations, one to Florida in just three weeks and Cali at the end of the summer for my brothers wedding and a nice long two week vacation!

Hope your own school is winding down and you too can start having some fun this summer! Not that fun and school are mutually exclusive at all.

Peace in Him,

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