May 16, 2006

Summer Day in Progress

Well not quite but it feels like it. We are on summer vacation already and this week is a routine free week given what is upcoming next week :) The temperature is still in the 60's but it feels warmer because it has been so cold and rainy lately. Kids ate breakfast and ran right outside to the yard.

Everything in me wanted to finish the dishes and clean this morning (unusual motivation for me) but I decided to follow their lead. We all went right outside after breakfast for about an hour. I brought down our bike trailer from storage and cleaned and assembled it, attaching it to my bike.

Then a threw about a hundred grounders to Ciaran and ran all over the place trying to catch his throws - which are improving. Sirah played in the trailer which she is excited for and Rhiannon rode her bike up and down the block a ton of times. The desire for a family bike ride brought us all inside to finish up some basic morning chores so we can be free to take a nice ride without them hanging over our heads.

Well off to clean the dishes and fold some laundry. More to come later. It is nice to be done with school :)

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  1. I just found your blog and I think it is going to be really helpful to me as we start on the journey of homeschooling. Thanks!