September 6, 2007

It's Just More Interesting

I realize now why I blog more during school season - life is just more interesting. Recent days have brought some interesting and fun moments. One of my favorites was yesterday when Ciaran asked to do a narration about his science lesson on spiders jumped up on the chair and broke into song (show tune style) as he made up the lyrics which were his narration about how a spider plays dead from a wasp. It was a moment that made us all smile and laugh and he did several encores. That is just not normal on a non-school day :)

Sirah gets excited about a necktie, nail clippers and a nutcracker since they will go in her N box for her "fun school" and she can't wait to share it. Rhiannon decided that learning Latin won't be that bad because she can have secret conversations with her grandfather who is a pastor and understands Latin.

The kids built a wall out of play dough together as they acted out the story of Nehemiah and I pretended to be the enemy coming to knock it down. Sirah could not stop laughing and was very cute since she got to be the lookout and was very proud that she was strong enough to keep me out.

Ciaran deciding he had too much energy hops up and gets out our mini trampoline and his boxing gloves and sets the trampoline up in front of the punching bag so he can work some energy out. The kids take turns doing this.

We spend an afternoon at the library gathering our N and O books for the week and listening to Ciaran do his read alouds. A pregnant mom with a toddler comes in and asks the librarian for some help finding books about being an older brother and new babies. The librarian was not real helpful and I walked over with 5 story books age appropriate for her - can you tell we read a lout a lot.

Our day is just filled with random fun moments - the stuff that I enjoy blogging about. Homeschooling also helps me remember that I am creative - just not in the traditional ways. Looking forward to another great year!

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  1. LOL! I can see him doing that. What a hoot!

    BTW, thanks for the recipes and forwarded craft idea. So many great things out there to find and try.