September 7, 2007

Recipe for Failure

Take one dehydrated mom and add

-1 son with low attention, high energy and something in his ears preventing him from listening

-1 daughter who wants to talk about everything not related to her work (ear piercing, friends, what she wants to do later)

-1 daughter who wants me and me and did I mention me

-And I forgot to mention 1 daddy who lovingly gives his darling children nice big frosted sugar bombs on his way to work right before we start school.

Mix continuously without stop and ask them to accomplish tasks related to school.

Results: I will let you guess but it sure wasn't pretty!

1 comment:

  1. LOL! You could have been describing a morning at my house.

    In our house it's:

    - Take on mommy who's pregnant (again) and add:

    - 1 son who forgot that he has any interests at all outside of World of Warcraft

    - 1 daughter who can't stop talking about ballerinas long enough to take direction

    - 1 daughter who won't stop sneaking food from the pantry

    - and 1 son who wants to be held or nurse as much as possible

    How we get things done around here is often a great mystery, to me at least!