September 22, 2007


We just dropped Serona's sister and our 17 month old nephew at the airport after a wonderful visit. We had a great time just "doing life" as she said. They are wonderful and very easy house guests. We went hiking, walking, to the children's theater, out to eat, and just did all the normal things we usually do. The visit went far too fast but we enjoyed ourselves.

It was fun to have a little one in the house again - made Sirah look so much bigger than she normally seems to me. Since she is the baby of our family she seems so young but then seeing her next to our one year old nephew she seemed so much older. The kids were overall great with their cousin. At times needing reminding to play and help him out but often doing it on their own because they enjoyed it.

If he had a ball and our little Leap Frog Fridge magnet ABC player he was content no matter what. I spent an evening alone with him and we had fun together. We even went to the Mall of America right after the tornado sirens went off and they had evacuated the place - making it a perfectly empty time to visit.

Sadly we only get to see them once a year or so but we made the time count. It was lovely to have them here to spend our days with and have some companionship throughout the day. We will miss them - but maybe we will head out their way again soon. After all Southern California is a lovely place to visit, if only we could afford to move there.

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  1. MOVE THERE ?????????????

    I cannot drive to Cali so lets hope that does not happen to soon. Although it would make family get togethers much easier. Just goes to show my statement to Mom that as soon as we moved to Minnesota to be near your family you would move out. :)

    Family Forever