September 27, 2007

Today's Highlights

Starting the day with:

Rhiannon saying to Ciaran - "Did you know that poop is a solid, pee is a liquid and farts are gases? If you did all three at once we would need to create a new element."

Walking into town to run errands, stopping for a picnic lunch under a tree and reading stories there and naming cloud shapes.

Stopping on the way home to do a nature notebook drawing on a fairly busy stret corner, cars wondering what we are doing.

My kids all dressed in kimonos from Japan using their fans to hide their faces.

Ciaran doing his math problems on the trampoline. Stopping jumping only long enough to write the answer on the board.

My personal favorite of the day:

Going to the post office wearing this t-shirt and getting comments about being out with the kids and how helpful my t-shirt must be in them learning. It comes out that we are homeschooling and the moment the word is mentioned the whole busy room suddenly went silent as people tried to figure out what to say. We just smile big and tell them to have a great day!


  1. I had one of those public moments today at the office supply store. We had gone to buy a lamp for my son's desk. The clerk asked my son, "Are you out of school today?"

    He replied, "I homeschool" and suddenly the clerk and the customers behind us all clammed up, as if he'd just said, "I have a horribly contagious disease."

    After an awkward silence, the clerk said, "Oh, that must be nice."

  2. I love! My husband bought me a shirt that has the chemical formula for caffeine on it, and he has the Schrodinger's Cat shirt. :)

  3. I laughed outloud at Rhiannon's comment!@!!