September 23, 2008

Grains of Salt and other random moments

We often have moments that we say - we need to blog that or we need to remember that and then I never seem to get back to them. Having a few random moments now I thought I would record some I can remember instead of just frittering (my word of the day) away my time on Facebook or twittering.

Driving in the car the other day the kids were literally arguing over grains of salt. They were fighting over who took more grains of salt from the bottom of a cup that once held pretzel nuggets. They were having, and dragging us into, an argument over the actual count of grains of salt. One of those moment you only seem to have as a parent of young children.

Rhiannon in trying to get her way in a discussion we were having told me "I am not arguing with you, I am only presenting a strong argument, being a good debater like you are telling me you want me to be one day."

I got an email at 11pm from my neighbor asking me if it was possible that her 6 year old daughter drank Red Bull at my house around 6pm that night (her daughter still couldn't sleep)? I had just earlier had Sirah inform me that Ciaran drank Vault soda that evening (right before I left him with a babysitter lucky her). So I had to say Yes, yes she did drink not Red Bull but Vault(just shy of a double shot of espresso) and she wasn't making it up. My neighbor thankfully said "Atleast it wasn't beer or wine like in Anne of Green Gables."

My personal favorite recent bloggable moment:

Sirah was trying to remember something and she kept knocking against the side of her head saying "Knock knock head. Hello head. I need to remember head"

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