September 3, 2008

Waving to the School Buses

Yesterday the school buses started in our neighborhood. Sirah was sitting next to me when the first one arrived - I was thankful we homeschool. She would be getting on a bus for the first time this year heading off to Kindergarten.

Sirah is very excited for school this year, the other two - not as much. Once we start I know they will be fine but so far when people ask them about school Sirah is very enthusiastic and the others are not excited.

We are ramping in slowly. This week and next we begin with activities, field trips and purchasing supplies. I always find it best to wait until everyone has gone back to school and the clearance starts. The first two weeks of school are the best time here in Minnesota to do field trips as the places are all empty. One year we had the entire history museum to ourselves! We will likely include the zoo, art museum and some other favorites.

Next week we add in our rock climbing, Wednesday night programs, swimming lessons and other fall based activities. We will also start up math and writing and incorporate some nature days and hikes. The next week starts our homeschool cooperative and the civics/elections class I am teaching. By the last week of September we should be fully ramped up with history, science, language arts, art, music, latin and other misc subjects.

Looking forward to a great year and to enjoying the rest of the beautiful season in Minnesota!

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