September 10, 2008

Those Precious Beginnings

Sirah is starting Kindergarten this year and she could not possibly be more excited. I tend to just follow their lead at this age letting their interest be our guide with a main focus on learning to write letters, numbers, simple math sense and learning to read. She is very excited to do all these things and even though I said we were not starting school for a few more weeks she could not wait - so we have begun.

Simple beginnings just a very little bit each day. Her favorite so far has been math. She seems to love numbers and has enjoyed the abacus the most. Today she asked if we could just count together to 100 using the beads. We have also introduced cuissenaire rods and using her fingers to count and add. She is really having fun with it and also wants to learn how to write her numbers correctly. Watching the enthusiasm is inspiring, though it does not seem to rub off on the older two who are quite content to wait until I drag them literally back into the swing of the school year.

That love of learning, those bright eyes and the sheer joy when you master a new skill is such a powerful thing to see. It is such a great reminder of why we do what we do. A great motivator to keep going even when it gets tough. So let me say this when it is late January here in Minnesota and we are all crawling up the walls and not liking schooling anymore - lets try to remember the bright eyes and enthusiasm of those young learners who are just so pleased to be learning and mastering things.


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