September 16, 2008

Rhiannons Story

My First Trail Ride Ever by Rhiannon

I received a great birthday present for my 9th birthday, a special day with my dad. When my dad woke me up Saturday morning he said "Get dressed, we're going on a trail ride!" I said Yippee and ran down the hall to get ready. We took an incredibly long car ride and my dad got lost. When we finally got there we met a woman with a clipboard and she directed us to where the horses were waiting. I got to ride Kassie, my dad got to ride a very fat horse named Dolly. Our trail guides name was Elise. She said everybody saddle up and volunteers came along to help us get up on the horses.
The trail ride was 2 hours. We saw butterflies, ducks and turtles. We walked, trotted and cantered the horses, dad and I even broke into a gallop (even though we weren't supposed to). We had to go up a steep hill and Dolly almost slipped. When we were finally at the top I said "Anyone who runs down that hill would be an idiot." The trail guide told us that she had mountain boarded down that hill. "I told her she was nuts."
When we finally got back to the barn I dismounted Kassie and my knees were as weak as Jello. We said thank you to Elise and got into the car and drove off. On the way home we got lost again. When we got home I unlaced my boots, got into bed and said I am not getting out again for the day! The End.


  1. Anonymous6:19 PM

    It sounds like you had an amazing day! Thanks for sharing!!

    Love You,
    Aunt Esra

  2. That sounds like a fun birthday. The last time I rode a horse, my knees hurt so bad, I promised to never ride one again. Maybe I will try again.

  3. Great post!!

    You are clearly a skilled writer.

  4. I miss seeing you ride. I am so glad that you had such a special day with Dad. Thank you so much for sharing your day with me

    Love Grandpa