January 4, 2011

Fuzzy Minds

I am reminded why I generally do not let the kids take long math breaks. It as if their minds fuzz over and forget how to do math. Today I was reminding them of basic things like how to carry, borrow and skip count. This was just two weeks. No wonder we keep doing math through summer vacation.

Dusting off our brains and getting them back to full speed is taking a bit more of this week than I expected. I suppose a slow start is better than no start. Maybe we need to take down the Christmas tree and dump all the treats from the house so they believe vacation really is over.

Serona just got an XBOX Kinect for his birthday, maybe some gaming time on that will give me some extra motivation and leverage. Nothing like some low dangling fruit to keep things moving along. Maybe time to break out the math games and other edutainment.

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