January 7, 2011

The volume of boys

Two girls and a boy ~ our normal makeup. Today though 3 boys filled my house and car and life. Three very energetic and loud boys. Well behaved, polite, good kids, but very full of life and energy and volume. The whole feel to the day is different, filled with wrestling, yelling, pillows flying, one upmanship, competition and of course video games. The noise is joy to my ears and the chaos becomes mere background noise to me because my son is so happy. Boys have brought airsoft, archery, fencing, legos, forts, sledding jumps, skateboard jumps, blowing up things, science projects, frogs, zelda, lightsaber duels, and so much more into our home and my life. Boys are wonderful and easy to please, even if life is just a bit louder when they fill my home.
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  1. I just started following your blog. I have 2 boys and take these things for granted, and sometimes they even annoy me.....but bc of this I think I will look at them differently...well at least tommorrow :)