January 1, 2011

Vacation and Routines

I have granted us all a true school free vacation.  Several days into it Maria was asking to go back to school and I actually refused for a change.  We just really needed a break, she could read more if she wanted and she did. We played games, read, watched movies, played Wii, crafted, slept, sledded, ice skated and just loafed around.  It was wonderful, it was restful, it was needed.

Monday we are back to routine or the beginning of a new routine.  January always seems to start slowly for us but typically ends up being one of our most productive months since it is so cold here.  Outside activities generally don't resume until the end of January so we have time to be just us  and to do some field trips that the fall seemed to busy for.

I am trying to be proactive this year about homeschooling in Minnesota in the winter and taking more time for me.  When the sun shines on my couch for an hour a day you will find me sitting there.  When my alarm reminds me it is time to exercise, you can find me on my treadmill.  When the dinner dishes are put away on Tuesday nights my family members will have to make themselves scarce as my home becomes a haven for fellow women to come for some friendship, fun and freedom to escape the winter here. On Thursday mornings my alarm will go off far earlier than I am accustomed to as a dear friend and prayer partner will come to visit with me over coffee. Sometime in this month or the next my feet will touch an ocean and bury my toes in the sand on some beach somewhere.  I will find time to pray, to write, to exercise, to rest, to read for fun, to play, to be a friend.  It will be a good year.

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