January 3, 2011

Unexpected Monday

I expected today to go rough in the normal Monday after vacation ways.  I expected sleeping in, dawdling, slow moving and unmotivated students and I expected some push back and resistance to working. What was unexpected was a three hour trip to the doctor and pharmacy.  What was unexpected was finding myself wandering around Target aimlessly for an hour with three school age kids on "the first day back to school" while we waited for our prescriptions to be filled.  What was unexpected was starting our school day at 2pm instead of 10am.  Then all the expected things still happened and we unexpectedly finished school at 5pm.

By this point in our homeschooling you would think that I would be used to and more adaptable to the unexpected in life.  I suppose to a degree I am but I am still surprised each time the unexpected comes my direction.  We take it in stride, we adapt, we move forward and we make our best plans for the next day in the hopes that we have planned enough to allow time for the unexpected that seems to often overtake our days.  I am hoping this will help my kids be more adaptable later in their lives, or it can down in the annals of their childhood as one more way their lives were so hard.

I wonder what tomorrow will bring, I guess we will just wait and see what the unexpected brings.

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