August 25, 2006

Fall Lesson Planning

Well today while the kids had some friends over and played I was able to get some lesson planning done for the fall. I pulled together the kids weekly schedule template and went through all their books to make sure I have everything and have a feel for where they are headed. This weekend Serona and I will sit down together and go through everything to make sure it looks good and we are both happy with it. Then we head away for a two week vacation to California for the wedding of my brother and other festivities including visiting our nephews!

I am excited with the planning we have done so far. I will post our tentative (though always changing) schedules and a list of our books and resources for the year. This year Rhiannon will be in second grade and Ciaran will be starting kindergarten. Our basic goals for kindergarten are to work on learning to read and very basic math skills and of course having lots of fun. Sirah will join in on some activities as she wants especially the craft type activities.

We will round things out with our homeschool coop classes and field trips as well as other things we choose to do just as a family. It is Rhiannon's season to pick an activity and she choose rock climbing. Ciaran will take swim lessons and all the kids will be in Awana. It is shaping up to be a great fall.


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